The bra’s seen very little innovation until The JENNAbra came long.

The first US patent for a bra was granted in 1913 to Mary Phelps Jacob. Her invention is the most widely recognized as the predecessor to the modern bra and consequently the nursing bra. She took two pocket handkerchiefs and some pink ribbon and fashioned them into a simple bra.

Her design had shoulder straps attached to the garment's upper and lower corners, and wrap-around laces attached at the lower corners which tied in the woman's front, enabling her to wear gowns cut low in the back. Polly wrote that her invention was "well-adapted to women of different size" and was "so efficient that it may be worn by persons engaged in a violent exercise like tennis." Her design was lightweight, soft, comfortable to wear, and naturally separated the breasts, unlike the corset, which was heavy, stiff, uncomfortable, and had the effect of creating a single or "monobosom" effect.

While Crosby's design was the first granted a patent within its category, The U.S. Patent Office and foreign patent offices had issued patents for various bra-like undergarments as early as the 1860s. Other brassiere designs had previously been invented and popularized for use within the United States by about 1910. 

The bra evolved little over the years until the JENNAbra came along. 

On Nov 27th, 2018, we proudly received our patent for JENNAbra - First 3-in-1 Nursing, Pumping, and Weaning Bra! 

JENNAbra allows a woman to adjust the shoulder straps, bra cups, and waist according to her ever-changing body throughout the day.