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Jenna Bra - World’s first 3-in-1 fully adjustable Nursing, Pumping and Weaning Bra.

Jenna Bra - World’s first 3-in-1 fully adjustable Nursing, Pumping and Weaning Bra. This Patented bra is a very personal product for me.

In September 2012 after years of trying to have a baby, a surgery and one round of unsuccessful IVF treatment we decided to take a break from family planning.

A few months later, to our utter surprise, we found out that we were pregnant. We were ecstatic! Everything was normal and fine until the day of our 20-week ultrasound in January of 2013. We were eager to find out the gender. It was a girl!!!!! She's all we wanted. We couldn't be happier.

As the ultrasound tech told us the gender she also said the doctor needed to talk to us. It turned out I was having a miscarriage. My cervix was opening and at 20 weeks the baby was too young to survive, and there was no way to keep me from delivering. Within 10 minutes our entire world flipped upside down. We went home to think about all our options. That same night, I woke up in excruciating pain. We rushed to the ER and I went into labor just as we reached the emergency room. We lost her.

Ultrasound showing my cervix was opening
Surprisingly, the pain and trauma of the actual miscarriage ended up being overshadowed by what followed. Since I was 5 months along, my breasts started to develop milk ducts so once I delivered my body started to produce milk but sadly there was no baby to feed. As I left the hospital the next morning, no one warned me of breast engorgement and the discomfort and pain that would follow unless I dried up my milk. I had swollen, painful breasts and as soon as I googled the symptoms I realized I was engorged. Thankfully and lucky for me, my younger sister happens to be an OBGYN. She flew in that night.

Currently, there is no good way to dry up your milk ducts. Either a mom slowly weans off day by day, letting her milk supply decrease since it's not being used and suffer through engorgement/discomfort or she can do what I ended up doing. I wore two sports bras that were toooo tight for me, Stuck cold cabbage leave in my bra cups which smelled disgusting, replaced those with ziplock bags full of ice cubes in the cups to cool down and dry my milk ducts faster, then my sister, husband and mom took turns wrapping me as tight as they could with an ace bandage. Every hour or so I would constantly change the leaking ice bags and release the pressure of the ace bandage which made me feel like I couldn't catch my breath.

It was a bad solution. One that I could never do myself either. I also couldn't imagine going outside looking like that, let alone get back to work. It took about two weeks for my ducts to dry up.

Since I am an Interaction/User Experience designer by profession, I decided to channel my pain and mourning into developing a solution for other moms and more importantly to distract myself.

I made many prototypes over the last six years and tested them on dozens of women

Three weeks after the miscarriage I set out to design a bra that could help a woman wean without being in so much discomfort. It started out as just an idea and a side project to keep my mind busy. I wanted to make something that a woman could put on and use all by herself, especially if she was a single mom, someone who came from a very conservative culture where no one talks about miscarriages let alone engorgement (still happens all over the world in South Asia, Africa and Middle East not to mention in the US), or just didn't have any other support.

I spoke to every female friend/relative who had ever been pregnant. Set up user surveys, spoke to my sister and her OBGYN colleagues and learned just how many women have miscarriages, stillbirths, loss of a child and must go through what I went through. Yet NO ONE EVER TALKS about any of it. The doctor who discharged me didn't even think to talk about it. The numbers are alarming. Especially in my generation.

I bought dozens and dozens of bras. Cut them up, used the best parts and stitched multiple prototypes. I then tested them out on myself and other women. I finally figured out the perfect design that actually worked.


I handmade many prototypes

Real User Tester
I also challenged the normal design of a bra that closes in the back.


When a woman is engorged it's already hard to move your arms and upper half without feeling lots of discomforts. Reaching back to open and close a bra was annoying. The Jenna Bra goes on like a vest and wraps in the front for convenient closure.


Jenna Bra is perfect for Nursing, Pumping and when ready Weaning

As I was making this perfect weaning bra I realized that a lot of moms need to wean after they have already nursed a baby so I should think about them too. Currently, a mom has to buy a separate nursing bra and a pumping bra. There is no such thing as a weaning bra in the market. She has to change bras if she wants to pump easily. It's costly and a hassle. Annoying for working moms, for women out socializing or doing activities. I set out to see if I could design an all in one bra. After many prototypes, I landed upon the current PATENTED design!

Real User Tester
The World's first 3-in-1 fully adjustable Jenna bra has two cups. Top cup opens to allow mom to use the pumping hole with the pump, the second pumping cup opens so mom can nurse as well as have optimal skin to skin contact. The mom can adjust the bra in three spots to tighten as much as she can handle to keep the milk ducts in place and help them dry up.



The fabric is moisture-wicking, cooling, breathable, soft, lightweight and comfortable.


We spent a lot of time finalizing fabrics. The current fabrics are moisture-wicking, cooling, breathable, soft, lightweight and comfortable.
Once I had the design and tested it successfully I decided to apply for a patent.
The bra is now patented! My samples have helped women dry up their milk in as little as a long weekend and they did it all on their own without anyone's assistance.


My goal is to get it in the hands of every woman before she leaves the hospital after her delivery. Whether that delivery ends in a healthy baby or sadly a miscarriage, stillbirth or loss of a child.


I truly believe this is a must-have for every new mom.
Meaning behind the name Jenna
We decided to call the bra Jenna for two reasons. The word Jenna in Arabic means "heaven" and in Hebrew means "God's grace".


It's also the name we ended up giving our little angel who passed at 20 weeks. She became our little guardian angel in heaven gracefully guiding us as we successfully realize this bra.


When testing it with moms one said to me personally "Jenna makes pumping at work easy, The adjustable cup helps with the flow" (She didn't have to sit in an awkward position or hold her boobs, while pumping. She adjusted the shoulder straps and cup to have the pump in the right place).


Another said "Jenna was easy to use and comfortable. It did just what I needed in a short time."


In the future, I would love to hear women saying "Hey, are you wearing a Jenna?" "I trust Jenna because it's designed by a mom for moms."
Jenna Bra at MIT's "Make A Breast Pump Not Suck" Conference 2018


Last year (2018) we were invited to showcase our bra at MIT's "Make A Breast Pump Not Suck" Conference.


We had our miscarriage in January 2013. We made sure to seek out help in every way we could. We knew it was a very traumatic event and we also knew that we couldn't handle it ourselves. The bra was the best distraction and project for us. It was so great at keeping our mind off, that four months later just one day before Jenna's actual due date in May of 2013, I found out that I was expecting again. 8 weeks along! One year later in January 2014 just a few days before the miscarriage anniversary we welcomed our beautiful, feisty, loving and perfect daughter.
I tested the various Jenna prototypes on myself while nursing, pumping and finally weaning our daughter when we were both ready. That's how I truly knew the design worked.


We have one more great piece of news to share. This year after years of unsuccessful and painful hormone and IVF treatments we found out that we are expecting our second baby and funny enough the baby is due Jan 2020!
Please help us get JENNAbra into the hands of all super moms out there.