Our Story

JENNAbra - first 3-in-1 fully adjustable hands-free Nursing, Pumping and Weaning Bra.

This Patented bra is very personal to me. It was born out of personal loss when I had a miscarriage at 20 weeks. The milk ducts in my breasts had already developed by week 20 so when I delivered my breasts started to produce milk but unfortunately, there was no baby to feed. This lead to breast engorgement, severe pain, and discomfort on top of a huge loss. The choices were to let the body take the course, suffer through this pain until the milk dried up or tightly wrap sports bandages around my breast over multiple snug bras, and when needed stuff the bra cups with cold smelly cabbage leaves or bags full of ice cubes for some relief. There had to be a better solution for moms. Three weeks after the miscarriage I set out to design a weaning bra for myself. One that allows a mom to apply as much pressure as needed to dry up the milk ducts while fully supporting her throughout the day.

I'm a designer by trade so I started from scratch. In my journey, I discovered the lack of effective tools for nursing and pumping moms…“A separate bra for nursing and a separate one for pumping?” No bra for weaning. So after multiple prototypes and testing on real moms, I designed a solution.  – JENNAbra, the first-ever patented hands-free nursing, pumping, and weaning bra (when the mom is ready). I challenged the traditional design of a bra that closes in the back. That is the least convenient thing a nursing or weaning mom needs. 

JENNAbra is worn like a vest, it easily closes in the front with bands that wrap around your waist like a hug. The 3 point adjustment includes (waistbands, tabs on the bra cups, and shoulder straps) that adjust to your changing breast throughout the day during your nursing and pumping journey and when ready they help to apply pressure to wean and suppress milk production.

I also put a special message on the bottom bands of the bra "You're strong, beautiful, and loved. You're not alone! This hug is just for you". I want moms to know that they truly are soo strong, beautiful, and loved. In their journeys they are definitely not alone and when they put on the JENNAbra that hug that wraps around them reminds them of all those things throughout their day. 

I am proud to share JENNAbra with all the super moms out there.

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